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And we, at Huber's INN Port Townsend, will be honored to help you find it. Because your question is most important.

For years and years we've been thoroughly, and lovingly, preparing for this moment, where we can support and help you on your path to find that PURPOSE.


It's not a coincidence that you are reading these words now.

This is YOUR time.

NOW is the time of your realization that there's something important missing yet in your life...

Is it Serenity?
Is it the sweetness of a better -more loving, meaningful- communication with the people with whom you come in contact every day?
Is it a better, more loving connection with your body and its health?
Is it that peaceful certainty or your own role in your community?
Is it that peaceful certainty of your own PURPOSE in this Life?
Is it profound inner peace?
Is it, simply the deep inexhaustible Joy- derived from a life that has found its PURPOSE...?

In Huber's INN Port Townsend we commune with you.

We support you -and help you,  by receiving you (and those you most love) into a respectful, caring, sheltered space -thoughtfully conceived to allow and support your growth and discovery -  through a very special nurturing program
 designed to help you explore the answer to your dire question...

Once you've re-established the balance -at all levels: Physical, Mental and Spiritual that you are seeking , weŽll make sure that the serenity you find in that, will not be left behind -once you leave the Retreat.

We intend to help you make it become a permanent part of your life.

Growing - and glowing - action after action, contact after contact, day after day - night after night.

- For this reason our program is designed for couples.
Three couples of your family or friends, where you all share this spiritual re-balancing experience.
You - and those you care for, will enjoy an awakening together - in the
peace and nurturing comfort of this very special 5 night Re-balancing Retreat @ Huber's INN Port Townsend.

Time and time again experience shows that you'll feel ON PURPOSE, serene and confident, when you allow your body, your mind and your Spirit to become WHOLE again. To come back to their original - ideal - balance.

In joyful pursuit of your goal,  here with us you'll find that your path presents you with exquisitely efficient special daily Re-balancing programs that take into account the whole of you!

Programs that thoughtfully include:


Reiki Sessions
Intentional Communication Classes
Scrumptious Gourmet -Live Vegetarian
(classes AND meals)
Soulful, Purposeful Dance
Yoga / Tai Chi
Guided Meditations

Are you a candidate to maximally benefit from our programs?

May we bring your attention to this brief questionnaire -Always knowing that your answers will allow us to best serve -and support you (and those you love):

1.   What do you wish were better in your life right now?

2.   What doesn't feel quite right in how things are going in your life?

3.   How DO you want to FEEL every day of your life?

4.  What would you like to see happen for yourself -and those you love- in the next year?

5.  What is attracting you to this Re-Balancing Retreat at Huber's INN Port Townsend?

6. What is something exciting that you'd like to see happen for yourself and those you love in the next five to ten years?

7. So that we may serve you in the highest way, what else is very important for me to know?

It's a privilege to enjoy your attention. I thank you...

All that's missing now, is ONE thing:

Please copy this questionnaire and paste it in an email with your responses. Send it to my attention at

I promise to respectfully and carefully read your answers - and respond to you in a maximum time of 48 hrs. -possibly much less!-

Always love, light and laughter;
Leticia Huber : )


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