What is Reiki?

REIKI is a very subtle way of rebalancing the living energies in a person, a plant or an animal.

As acupuncture works with the Chinese concept of MERIDIANS, and India with a similar concept of vital channels called NADIS, the Japanese school of REIKI, works more subtly with the clearing/rebalancing of such vital channels, called Ki, Qui or Chi, in the Japanese school.  Whether MERIDIANS, NADIS OR QUI, we are talking about the channels of the Energy of Life.



“Many people ask the question “What is REIKI?”.There are two ways of looking at this question.

From one angle Reiki means “spiritual energy”; our own innate brightness, our true nature, our essence or whatever words you want to use to express this. This innate brightness is often covered with layers of worry, fear, anger and attachments. So much so, that we cannot see its brightness anymore–it is completely hidden. And if we can’t see our own innate brightness, then it will be very hard for others to see it within us as well. This covering up results in us not remembering our connection with who we are and therefore getting quickly angry or worried, fearful, unhappy, distracted, and unloving.

Nevertheless, even with our innate brightness concealed, our true nature continues to shine. Think of it as a light bulb that is covered by a lampshade, no matter how many lampshades you place over the bulb, the light is still the same brightness, it’s just that we can’t see it!

To remove the layers of worry, fear and attachments that cover our brightness, we practice “the system of Reiki”–which is the other angle of the “What is Reiki?” question. The system of REIKI has five very specific elements; precepts, meditations, hands on healing, symbols/mantras and the attunement/reiju. These elements help the practitioner to slowly remove the layers so that our innate brightness can shine in all its beauty once more.

The more layers we remove, the more our innate brightness casts further afield, eventual resembling a bulb with the lampshade removed. Suddenly, the room is filled with light. YOU. When our innate brightness becomes more visible to ourselves we start to feel kinder, less worried or angry and more compassionate. This in turn has a healing effect, not just on ourselves, but also on those we come into contact with in our daily lives; our family, the shopkeeper, people at work, random people at an airport, you name it. When we feel brighter, our world becomes brighter.

Opening to our innate brightness also affects our hands-on healing work with others. The more we connect to our brightness (ie. to Reiki) as a Reiki practitioner, the better we can facilitate healing for others. Never forget that we are not the healers, we merely facilitate the healing while the client works on his or her own healing. If, however, my brightness is covered with clouds of anger, worry and fear then there is only a little bit of light that clients can use to guide them through their healing, but if we have removed the clouds and our innate brightness shines like the sun and moon conjoined then there is much more potential for healing to take place.

Therefore the simple answer to “What is Reiki?” is this: The system of Reiki helps us to re-discover that we are Reiki in the first place.

So, start practicing and re-discover your own inner brightness; shine, be happy and act with compassion.” –

“To serve the world out of the dynamic union of wisdom and compassion would be to participate most effectively in the preservation of the planet. Masters of all the religious traditions on earth now understand that spiritual training is essential not solely for monks and nuns but for all people, whatever their faith or way of life. The nature of spiritual development is intensely practical, active, and effective. The danger we are all in together makes it essential now that we no longer think of spiritual development as a luxury but as a necessity for survival.”- Sogyal Rinpoche


Have you ever wondered WHAT is HEALTH?… Few persons seem to have wondered what is health. Few persons seem to know.   It’s easy to get lost in descriptions of what is NOT health.  Why? Because health is perhaps too simple for us to comprehend.  Erroneously, through many cultures, through many generations, through thought -not through observation, though-  we have come to believe that “complexity is intelligent”. This is  why it is so difficult for us to understand the immensely powerful and simple Energies of Life impeccably expressed in Health.

Let’s get observant, and actually “discover” it’s nature!

When you see a lush forest, or a beautiful newborn, or a sunset, or the sea, you realize all of them are “Healthy”.  Why?…At this point you might not be able to explain it.  You simply KNOW it: They are healthy!.  And they are healthy because, like you,  one finds a perfect balance of life elements in each of them.

Health and Balance equate.

If your minerals, proteins, calories, etc., are balanced, you are well nurtured, and likely, energetic, happiness/prone and healthy. If the vibrations of your heart, brain, nerves, circulatory and other systems are balanced, you’ll be a healthy, calm and, again, happy person.  If you feel calm, happy and healthy, you find many reasons to be appreciative of the thousand treasures of life that you vitally enjoy every day (like waking up to see a new day, walking or breathing fluidly, for instance!); or witnessing the sunset; or holding a baby – or your favorite One in your arms.  Even enjoying a meal, requires healthy balance.  Remember that last flu?…How many things in you felt out of sort, and you even lost your appetite?.  On the contrary, remember that last vacation trip you had so much looked for?…How balanced you felt, how happy, how tasty, fun and beautiful everything was?


Leticia is a rebel who has never accepted a concept without experiencing it personally.

As a linguist and interpreter, while working as Deepak Chopra’s interpreter for Spanish during his seminars; one day during lunch, she came to sit at a lively round table with some other 7 happy dinners, all lively discussing something with a nun. A Catholic nun!.

They were all discussing REIKI, and its benefits for health and relaxation.   This nun was also a healer, versed in a Japanese science for healing/balancing energies called REIKI!…The nun was offering her healing gift, and several at the table accepted it.  Of course Leticia had to experience this REIKI energy!. No doubt!

But, WHAT to heal?,  since she is basically a very healthy person, it was not easy to determine for what should she request healing!  Perhaps  her eyes?.  Her vision had not been good since childhood; and now, concentrated in reading Deepak’s lips from the far Interpreter’s booth, to add accuracy to the interpretation, could be tiring. Particularly by the end of the evening. Specially, wearing contact lenses. So there!… That’s what Leticia wanted bettered!

When the nun was to offer her REIKI, Leticia asked the nun for a moment to remove her contact lenses, so she could better receive the REIKI.  “No”, said the nun; “you don’t have to remove your contacts”.  Leticia thought to herself that the nun in question didn’t have a good idea of what wearing contact lenses for many hours of concentration feels like; but the nun continued: “No. It is ALL energy. All gets balanced and modified through REIKI.”

After the brief and relaxing REIKI session with the nun, all felt as well as before; but by 11pm, when closing the Interpreter’s Booth,  Leticia payed attention to her eyes, and realized that neither were they reddened, tired, nor bothered by the contact lenses!!!   What a discovery.

Apparently, that day the nun had finished her seminar. Where to find another REIKI practitioner?

All this was happening in San Diego and La Jolla, and Leticia found no practitioners in either location.

Not long after, in 2003, she moved to beautiful Port Townsend, WA, with her family. It had become somewhat of a habit to ask every new person she met, if they knew a REIKI practitioner.  This time she got a most expected answer:  YES, they knew a REIKI practitioner, and YES, she lived on the same street than Leticia  -just a couple of blocks away!!!!

From this REIKI expert, Leticia learned and got certified as a REIKI practitioner.  JOY!

Through the years, Leticia felt the profound joy of REIKI, and helping her family members, and a few friends/clients, heal/rebalance through REIKI.

Now she has opened her schedule, and will gladly also heal YOU, by helping your Energies become harmonious and rebalanced again. she will happily become a conduit of the life energies present in the universe; and joining her of healing you, with your will of healing,  merely by rebalancing your energies, she humbly opens her home and her schedule to your healing.

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