Leticia Huber always love, light and laughter


Present times are not meant for waiting -much less for waisting! ; )

I feel obliged to keep my heart open (which opens my mind) to find answers and solutions to our important questions and share them!

Since I have recently discovered DubLi, am  very excited for myself and those I know and love : )

What DubLi is:The First Global Trading Portal ever! on the internet...it's service and marketing potential are basically unlimited.

If you wish to check it in more detail. You can see my Dubli portal and get an idea how this NEW auction site works.

If you want to find out more about becoming part of the Dubli network...and how to get your own Auction Site:


I am excited with this finding of DubLi, and have good feelings and good ideas to share with you.

Always love, light and laughter;

Leticia :)

Send me your Questions: leticia@loshuber.com


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