A Day of Play in the Studio

Atelier: A Day of Play in the Studio
Come spend the day in the studio of artist Meg Kaczyk, who will guide you in creating your own original art. You will choose from the mediums and methods available in the studio including watercolor, cut paper, monoprints, drawing, or papier mache. No experience required, come and explore where your innate creativity can take you.
4 hours. My fee per person: $150. Up to 3 people.

Port Townsend Creative Keepsake
Enhance your visit to Port Townsend by commissioning artwork inspired by the natural beauty, Victorian buildings and maritime scenes. Artist Meg Kaczyk invites you into her studio, to bring photos from your time around town (or choose from her selection of sketches), and she’ll use those as reference to create a custom piece of art as you watch. Meg will work in pencil and watercolor, in her loose expressionistic style for a unique original to take with you.
3 hours. My fee per person/1 piece of art (additional pieces negotiable). $150. Up to 2 people.

Creative Inspiration: Sources and Methods
Artist Meg Kaczyk invites you to her studio to learn how to work with different inspiration sources to make art that is wholly your own. You’ll explore working from photos, taking your vision beyond realism to a personal style of color and emphasis. You’ll also work with still life arrangements, to capture color and form. And finally, you’ll work from sketches to create lively and loose finished interpretations of initial sketch impressions.
5 hours. My fee per person: $200. Up to 3 people.

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