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When the old paradigm of “give little, get the most you can” is totally outdated - and wilting away in a “melting economy” based on such paradigm- great opportunities of service (and earnings) are yours for the asking!

In this light, would you like to find you can Create a program that keeps on bringing your visitors back, season in AND season out based on the thoughtful service you already provide...

As Google reveals in mere 2 searches:

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,610,000 for travel+no chemicals+allergies. (0.34 seconds) Results 1 - 10 of about 19,200,000 for travel+no chemicals. (0.27 seconds)

More and more of us, conscious business owners, are finding a niche in a market that travels in search of well being and health through though full service in hotels and restaurants...

If hosting is a productive AND heart centered business for you, you are welcome to join our group of:

EcoLogicaL Businesses

Our businesses are best defined as “Thoughtful Service -With a Flare”.

What this means to your guests is peace of mind and certainty that you:

1. Use biodegradable soaps and shampoos for your guests

2. Use biodegradable soaps and cleaners (and other products) all through your property

3. Wash sheets and towels with biodegradable soaps

4. Feed your guests with local, natural and organic foods (Vegetarian?)

What this means to all of us (the rest of “your” World) is respect to balance because you:

1. Aim to replace (or have already replaced) bedding, bathrobes and towels with replaceable fibers like bamboo, cotton, rayon, etc?

2. Waste very little (or nothing?) in the kitchen, the utilities (or the house?)

3. You keep yourself constantly attentive and updated on the Earth's needs (That includes your guests, yourself, and all, the rest of us :)

If you care to promote your business within our young and growing group, please join Leticia Huber in a pledge for committed service at:

Question: Which other ecological ways do you already apply to your business?


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